Broadcast 24  (B.A.G. Films & Media Ltd. initiative)   

Broadcast 24 is the umbrella brand of BAG Network. The aim of this brand was to launch platforms, through which quality content could be disseminated to the common person. Under this brand, BAG Network launched its first channel, News24, in December 2007. The channel has emerged as the fastest growing Hindi News channel in India.


 BAG Network launched its second channel, E24 in March 2008 pitched as Bollywood’s No. 1 channel. E 24 follows films, music, reviews, scoops, scandals and all the events and happenings in Bollywood 24/7.


 Under the Broadcast 24 umbrella, BAG has also launched Dhamaal 24, a round-the-clock FM radio channel in ten cities, all across India. The channel brings music and programmes in Hindi and regional languages to listeners. 


The BAG network aims to continue to expand its ventures under the umbrella brand of Broadcast 24, and to widen horizons in content creation and dissemination.