Broadcast 24 is the umbrella brand of B.A.G. Network that was launched in 2007. Under it ,the B.A.G. network has launched successful channels and networks including “News 24”- the fastest growing Hindi news channel in India, “E 24”- Bollywood's No 1 Channel, “Dhamaal 24”- an FM radio network amongst others. After these successful undertaking of Broadcast 24- the B.A.G. Network aims to continue to expand its ventures and widen horizons in content creation and dissemination.
News 24
In December 2007, BAG under its umbrella brand Broadcast 24 launched its first channel News 24. The channel with its fresh look and mass appeal attracted the audience and in less than three months of going on air, rose to become the fastest growing Hindi news channel in the country. "News 24" disseminates news that investigates before it informs, researches before it reaches out and ascertains before it speaks.
Dhamaal 24
Broadcast 24 launched its radio network, Dhamaal 24 (106.4 FM), in year 2005. The FM station is operational at 10 stations across India including Hissar, Karnal, Patiala, Ranchi, Muzaffarpur, Dhule, Jalgaon, Ahmednagar, Shimla and Jabalpur.
ISOMES is South Asia's first industry-integrated media school. In the context of the dramatic media explosion on the one hand and the woeful lack of appropriate education and training facilities on the other, ISOMES achieves a landmark position. An institution that started with missionary zeal, needed to have not just a vision but also the wherewithal to transcreate that vision into reality.
E 24
The film industry is the staple entertainment diet for millions in India and abroad. The appeal of Indian cinema is universal and the glitz and glamour of Bollywood have dazzled the world for almost a century. There are several channels on air featuring aspects of the Indian film industry.
Studio 24
Studio 24 is one of the leading content creator powerhouses in India, and was incorporated with a vision to raise fundamentals of TV software development. One of the oldest and most reputed establishments of the country, Studio 24- the production wing of B.A.G. Network has created over 50,000 hours of programming in news, chat shows, current affairs, entertainment, soaps, audience based shows, film based shows & infotainment.
Greater Valley School
To create educational systems of ‘useful-individualised’ learning and direction that stimulate the passion and brilliance in every child. To accomplish our mission we shall reconnect our perception of the world by a fundamental shift in human consciousness. We inspire students to think, connect and share – using tools, technology and curricula of literacy to help them dissolve boundaries, fulfil their potential and create a better society.