At B.A.G. Films, we believe that our human resource is our most vital strength and our biggest asset. Our team works to its fullest potential and propels B.A.G. to raise standards and achieve new milestones in its journey. Highly experienced and seasoned professionals make for the people at B.A.G Network. A look into the details of the people who make the company.
Vision is all about being able to look far into the distance, way beyond what lies ahead. But all that vision can come to naught without the skill, the depth and the focus to lead the men and women who will transform vision into success. For, what is a compass worth, if all it can do is point at dots on a map. It needs the compelling drive and the farsightedness of a seasoned captain, to steer the aspirations of all aboard to fullfilment.
B.A.G. has on its board of Directors eminent personalities from various fields. The board boasts of veteran journalists, outstanding academicians and experienced professionals in management. Details herein on the prestigious Board of Directors of the B.A.G. Network.
The following people make for the nucleus of B.A.G. Network. Passionate and driven, they lead from the front to make B.A.G. achieve new milestones in its journey. A profile of the core team of B.A.G. Network
Being part of the verve and vigour of a news room is no mean task. Spirited, energetic and passionate professionals get the news floor of News 24 ringing with activity and brimming with confidence- 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A profile of the dynamic team of News 24.
A news room with a difference. These young men and women bring alive the dream of a 24*7 entertainment news channel. A look at the young professionals who realized this dream.
Connecting with the masses and entertaining through sound- the team of the radio network comprises of expert and seasoned professionals in the field of radio broadcasting. Here’s more on the members of Dhamaal 24 who certainly do have an ‘ear’ for entertainment.
The production arm of the B.A.G. Network is a heady mix of expert creative skills, perfect administrative abilities and adept technical know how. The team of Studio 24…
Converging various platforms onto a single level - the Convergence team at B.A.G. is a team of young professionals who make the network accessible to users worldwide. More on the dynamic team of B.A.G. Convergence.
Educating and training aspiring media professionals of tomorrow- the staff and faculty at the International School of Media & Entertainment Studies are known and experienced professionals in the field of media education.
The core team of the Greater Valley School assumes the huge responsibility of ensuring the best education in the best possible environment to young students starting age 2 ½.