News 24

In December 2007, BAG under its umbrella brand Broadcast 24 launched its first channel News 24.


E 24

Keeping this vacuum in mind, we launched E 24, Bollywood's No. 1 Channel, in March 2008, under the Broadcast 24 umbrella.


Dhamal 24

Broadcast 24 launched its radio network, Dhamal 24 (106.4 FM), in year 2005. The FM station is operational at 10 stations across India including Hissar.



ISOMES (International School of Media and Entertainment Studies) is one of the premier media school offering various media courses under the umbrella of BAG (News24 & E24).

Message From The Chairperson Cum Managing Director

Anurradha Prasad

BAG Network is the coming together of ideas with the kinetics to change the way we do business. We believe that content is like dough—you can knead it, slice it, bake it and fry it. We also believe that content has a momentum, way beyond its broadcast life-cycle, deep into the market.

Content creators and broadcasters are beginning to realise that it is not enough to just set up the ideate-create-broadcast converyor belt. Visualising the depth of content’s reach and harnessing its energy will now open the doors to an entirely new world of opportunities.

We understand that it is just as much important to process and adapt content, as it is to create it in the first place. It is this range and depth that BAG Network can safely rely on.

It was natural to graduate to broadcasting after having created premium content for nearly a decade and a half. In the digital age, where the Internet and now, mobile phones are changing the way content is consumed, we are ready to process, adapt and harness this new opportunity.

BAG Network has the mind pool of artistes, filmmakers and journalists who form the foundation of its creative structure. Broadcasting takes it into the higher levels of reach and consumption. Digitisation, adaptation, repurposing and packaging are rapidly expanding its reach into the mobile market.

Now, whichever screen you might be gazing at- television, the Internet or the mobile phone-- BAG Network has had something to do with making the experience more entertaining, more fulfilling for you.

Yes, the future has just begun.

BAG In The News

Jul 07, 2014

Power Couple of 2014: Rajeev Shukla and Anurradha Prasad- Society Magazine Rajeev Shukla and Anurradha Prasad have tasted Sweetness of success together.while Rajeev shukla rose to power of minister of state being Journalist

Feb 08, 2011

GREAT WOMAN AWARD IN THE MEDIA CATEGORY Ms.Anurradha Prasad, CMD of BAG Films and Media Limited bagged the Great Woman Award in the media category.

Apr 19, 2010

ANURRADHA PRASAD IS AROI PRESIDENT Ms. Prasad has been elected unopposed as the President of the coveted radio body that aims to address the issues concerning radio operators in the country.

Mar 06, 2010

LEGENDARY SINGERS OF BOLLYWOOD COME ALIVE ON E24 BAG Network’s entertainment channel E 24 brings to life the most beautiful faces and timeless voices behind them with its latest show titled ‘Mahastar’.

Dec 11, 2009

General Meeting of the Members of BAG Films An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of BAG Films & Media Limited will be held on Friday, the 11th day of December, 2009 at 4.00 p.m. at Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park, Delhi Cantt.

Nov 23, 2009

HC scraps Blacklisting of BAG Films The Delhi High Court on Monday quashed Doordarshan’s order dated April 16, 2009 blacklisting BAG Films & Media Ltd. for two years.

Company Philosophy

“Creating an ethical culture means instilling and maintaining a commitment to doing the right thing, this time and every time-so much so that it becomes entwined in the essential DNA of the firm”. The Company's essential charter is shaped by the objectives of transparency, professionalism and accountability. The Company continuously endeavors to improve on these aspects on an ongoing basis.

Journey So Far

The Company has moved into fast trajectory with its broadcasting initiative. The Company went ahead with its premise of being a 360o media house and launched two television channels namely "News24" and "E24" through its subsidiaries in financial year 2007-2008. It has also performed well by running new programmes across different channels and strengthened its presence across India.


Vision is all about being able to look far into the distance, way beyond what lies ahead. But all that vision can come to naught without the skill, the depth and the focus to lead the men and women who will transform vision into success. For, what is a compass worth, if all it can do is point at dots on a map. It needs the compelling drive and the farsightedness of a seasoned captain, to steer the aspirations of all aboard to fullfilment.