ISOMES is South Asia’s first industry-integrated media school. In the context of the dramatic media explosion on the one hand and the woeful lack of appropriate education and training facilities on the other, ISOMES achieves a landmark position. An institution that started with missionary zeal, needed to have not just a vision but also the wherewithal to transcreate that vision into reality.

This process began in the year 2002 with an extensive research effort. The media education scenario around the world was fully analysed while a separate study aimed at evaluating the critical requirements of South Asian aspirants was also undertaken. It was felt that even at the start-up stage, it was necessary to have a backing of credible experience, and that is how the Missouri School of Journalism (University of Missouri, USA) – the oldest journalism school in the world -came into the picture. The collaboration between the Missouri School and ISOMES has resulted in the evolution of a unique and comprehensive curriculum and course design.

Thereafter followed a collaboration with Film And Television Institute of India, Pune, the premier institute of India in Film Making and Acting.ISOMES aspires to benefit from this association in the coming years.

ISOMES is now well on course : a fine Infrastructure has since been created, excellent facilities are in place, a dedicated and experienced faculty is in charge of the academics, and a stimulating learning ambience has been created. These efforts are overseen by a powerful International Advisory Board and implemented vigorously by a committed Management Team .